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"A Tribute to Led Zeppelin"- Beth Hart

An astonishing artist

on her own merit, Beth Hart forced by the quarantine and the persistence of her producer to record this Led Zeppelin tribute. The Led Zep songs cannot be improved,any kind of tribute could imitate, flatter, underachieved or differentiate. Beth Hart's attempt is between flattering and diversification. The second because of her rich voice, her female approach and the depth she brings to some well known songs, characterized by the performance of the master of Hippies, Mr.Plant. Hart brings respect, passion and her own groove making them interesting in a new way,a new approach,similar to the breathtaking cover of 'Stairway to heaven" by the Wilson sisters.

If i had to find some exceptional attempts in this tribute i would stay with "The Crunge" and his funky groove, "Good times, bad times" a stormy rocker with guttural groove and 'Stairway to heaven" a song that fits like a glove her voice in this more blues oriented approach. Beth Hart is performing in Europe this summer and I really hope she'll include a couple of these cover versions in her show.


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