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A-Z- "A-Z"

Mark Zonder and Ray Alder's new project is a progressive metal/FM rock laboratory. On the contrary with most of their genre, these two musicians along with Phillip Bynoe (WARLORD,Vai) on bass, Joop Wolters (S.Walsh, Simon Phillips) on guitar and Keyboard maestro V.Lalu decided to pull out their more melodic nature. Imagine DT 'Falling to infinity" meets Foreigner''s " 4' and you're close to the result.

Melodic, catchy with Alder bringing the power and darkness of his voice along with some more melodic elements over some great melodies conceived by Lalu and JW. Zonder keep it simple for his style, yet complex enough for a melodic hard rock album. An exercise in simplicity and melody, yet miles away from the plastic AOR supergroups of Frontiers.Imagination and melody meets the technical skills of the band members and pays homage to bands like Foreigner in the most sincere way still keeping their progressive metal origins.


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