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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

ACHELOUS- "Tower of high sorcery" (No Remorse records)

Epic metal as it has been widely named the last decades has various representatives that draw their inspiration most of the time from the epic/fantasy literature. It is a shame that in Greece with some of the most accredited writers regarding the medieval times , writers such as Kiriazis, Petsalis Diomidis and Angelos Terzakis, their books haven't yet found their place among the Greek metal merchants of steel. Although ,lyrically this is not the case, in their new work, ACHELOUS provides the perfect soundtrack for this kind of book. With inspiration from both the US power metal scene with LEATHERWOLF mostly and secondly WARLORD coming easily as reference and the European scene and especially BLIND GUARDIAN, they create their own unique musical universe.Either medieval , the perfect music for the old stone build castles of Peloponissos or even more fantasy / Middle East inspired like "Ishtar," ACHELOUS combine power, melody and sensitivity in one great package.

Their strength is their storytelling. Their ability to create pictures with their instruments. An album that oozes lyricism, sensitivity and bravery. The female vocals where they represent either as front vocals or as backing accompanying, adds to the mystery essence of the album. In our days when speed and brutality are driving power metal to the edge of thrash and the days of early LIEGE LORD, ACHELOUS comes as a breath of fresh air in the dungeons of an old Turkish prison (if you get the point).

Let the music do the talking, let the ancient times, The long hair ladies, the heavy armoured knights, the starving peasants fill the picture, add some dragons if you want or even better accompany the album with the attendance of 'Flesh and blood" by Paul Verhoeven or Boorman's "Excalibur". Enjoy one of the best metal releases of the year and among the top line in the power/epic scene.


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