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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

Arielle- "Analog girl in a digital world"

Hard rock in the vein of HEART with a pop twist. Modern, melodic and with some rock n roll touches at "Still a man", pop at "inside outside" and arena rock. Arielle is a brilliant guitar player and also a strong songwriter with a strong ear for melody. The album is a perfect exercise in FM/Arena rock with classic rock overtones. Sensitivity and BEATLES esque spirit is here but goes hand by hand with the melodic spirit of early BOSTON and STYX.

A definite plus to her song writing skills is her voice reminiscent of Wilson of HEART fame-just listen at "Peace of mind", that makes the listening very familiar and enjoyable, adding extra strength to her well crafted songs.


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