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AUSTIN MEADE-'Abstract art of an unstable mind"

Usually giving time to a new band to listen repeatedly is something I don’t do often. Getting older and having the luck to be raised in the 80s/90s means I was raised with the best in the rock scene , metal and alternative. But AUSTIN MEADE has this unspecified something. The album is set up on an imaginary radio station with small vocal vignettes and "interviews' between the various songs. Every song is different and has its own blend. From the aggressive and bold thematically “Violetion delight" and "Varsity type" to the most sensitive"rose romance" and grey "Late night letdown . AM are taking the chances in times of discomfort and plastic rock music. They dare to cross boundaries. They dare to use old recipes to cook new tunes. They are not the saviours, the revolutionaries, they re the visionaries and this is the main difference. Heavy guitars and pop,sensibilities all wrapped with some alternative essence and a good dose of psychedelic odour.

The band is radio friendly for the new generations, with great catchy songs who hide deep meanings under the catchy riffs and choruses. They blend modern rap, r n b and rock music in a way the listener has to stay till the end.A cross between snow patrol, NICKELBACK and SMASHING PUMPKINS and you re not even close to their sound, melodic, heavy and diverse in the real sense of the term.Meade wrote most of the songs with longtime guitarist/collaborator David Willie. The drummer is Aaron Hernandez and the bassist Jordan Pena. There are also a coupla co-writes with Tyler Bryant and Caleb Crosby of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. If you think you re still trying to find new bands that can diversify themselves and give you the chills you used to have when you were listening to early Screaming Trees, Smashing pumpkins, Madrugada or P.I.L then you have to listen to A.M new album. Although more straightforward rock then the bands I mention it is still a breath of fresh air in a dying genre. An album difficult to put a label on and for this reason the more attractive. A rock album that lets you discover new things in every single audition.


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