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AUTUMN'S CHILD- "Starflower"

From the lost FOREIGNER best song they never wrote to RAINBOW "Down to earth" and AOR masterpiece "Opera" AC are back with a well known recipe , even with the best elements from PRETTY MAIDS ``Future world" days involved, at 'Welcome to the show" cause Scandinavians knows the way. The album is full of melodic anthems like the opener ""Gamechanger" a song Blackmore would have burn his lute to had it composed by him. Although their advantage , their melodic punchlines is also their main weakness, AUTUMN'S CHILD are a force of nature. On the contrary with the disco AOR generation of NFO and CBB, AUTUMN'S CHILD deliver melodic hard rock with emphasis on the rock side. Keyboards are everywhere, melodic, bombastic, noe classical in the way RAINBOW and EUROPE taught us, while the guitars are ever present on solid rock rhythms. Even when they decide to move to more pop oriented pathways like "Opera" they prefer the pop and not the yacht rock/disco pathway infusing their songs with sugar coated layers.

With songs like "Karenina" the famous novel/theatrical lay and "Dorian Gray" of the Oscar Wilde fame they're getting a step further the drugs sex and r n r triptych Their sound is rich and sometimes challenging and surprising as in "Aphrodite's eyes" with the middle east climax that moves to a rock version of TEN SHARP although when they decide to go heavier as at ." I can't get enough" they sound cliche. On the contrary , Bryan Adams influenced "The final call" is a song that flourish with its melodic chorus. 'Love from Tokyo" is an old school ballad with the Gary Moore sign (Parissiene walkaways) all over it,a decent copy of one of the best ballads of all times. Closer "Its not too late" is a modern pop rock that Cher would kill to have on her 90s albums and STAGEDOLLS could claim as one of their lost tracks.

For fans of quality melodic rock where inspiration, tradition and innovation melts together in a sugar coated amalgam of strength and melody, AT is the best medicine for modern times depression and anxiety.


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