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AVALANCE- "Second hand band"

Misfits from Sydney, the best description for a good time, hard rockin band. AVALANCHE are in their own words "Avalanche are 4 misfits from Sydney’s west, playing electrifying, roof-crashing, piss-off rock n’ roll for a new generation. They first started playing and rehearsing music together in a old steel factory in 2018, and after just over 2 short years, they’ve firmly cemented themselves into the sticky floors of the national underground scene, with 5 releases, major national & international airplay, their own music festival, and a signature sound & live show which routinely leaves the audience covered in blood, sweat and spit." Their self description comes to life with their latest ep "Second hand band".

An early AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO influenced ep with storming guitars, groovy rhythm section and a vocalist somewhere between Bon Scott and O Keeffe. Along with AIRBOURNE they could be one of the best ACDC substitutes but they're more. Their boogie infused Hard rock is original and although we will make the mandatory comparisons with AC/DC ,AVALANCHE have their own fighting spirit. So have an eye open for these Sydney rock n rollers and a beer cold and handy as they have the package to be a major attraction for Hard rock lovers. This is their second ep and with songs like 'Spit in my mouth" and "Get back" they deliver the goods to anyone who likes their rock hard and their beer cold.


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