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Aynsley Lister-'Along for the ride"

The young blues generation from GB seems to understand the need for diversification.This is Lister’s eighth solo album and right now he is among those who can pen a tune that doesn't necessarily have to be the odd twelve bar. Tradition stands on the one hand while innovation and FM keeps the balance on the other hand. Aynsley delivers a modern blues album more into rock territory than his US colleagues like Eric Gales, Gary Clark Jr who are more keen to experiment with R n B, rap and the modern black sound. His vision comes closer to artists like Eric Clapton, Cris Rea and why not Bryan Adams of the "Cuts like a knife " days. The studio lineup of Lister on guitar and vocals, Stuart Ross on bass, Russ Parker on drums, Ross Stanley on Hammond, Scott McKeon on guitars/percussion, and Gavin Conder on backing vocals is mighty, indeed, and does a fine job helping him to deliver his artistic vision in flesh.

There are some exceptional songs like "Bide my time", “World Is Falling,” “Masquerade,” and “No One Else But You.” that are among the peaks in an album that stands out amg the rest of the genre. If you think that blues music is for smokey, honky tonk bars with ringled bluesmen singing over the same twelve bar tune about how life was unfair to them , you're miles away from the reality. Lister and the younger generation are looking at the blues through a new perspective that loves the long, intuitive solo as they love the melodies and the freshness of the alternative and FM rock scene.

Join them to this rejuvenation of the blues scene through artists who dare to get away from the blues certainty and especially the Chicago sound and incorporate new elements making their sound far more accessible to the mainstream without even being charged with the desertion offense by the purists.


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