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Bernie Marsden- Chess

Mr Marsden continues his tribute to his musical influences covering songs from the Chess archives/αρτιστσ. Chess is the second album in Marsden’s “Inspiration Series,” . Chess sees Marsden offer two original compositions and 10 classics that were originally released on Chess Records by artists such as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, and Elmore James.Raw, rocking, bluesy rock n roll with honky tonk overtones and his band tighter than Jenifer Lopez jeans and the result is an album to blow your speakers .From the opener "Just your fool" where harmonica steals the show to the laid back , Chess spirit is here with Marrsden on fire both in his playing as in his singing."Back in the USA" is a storming rock n roll tune ready to set the joint on fire and will make the original artist Chuck Berry smile up in the rock n roll heaven. More to the beat at Little Milton's “Grits Ain’t Groceries,”he lets the rhythm overflow and get the mojo working with the Hammond taking over.On Muddy Waters "I'm ready" he shows to each and everyone of us, that his ready for everything and he has the guts to prove it, in the laid back,steady blues track,where harmonica, once again gives the rhythm, before he takes the lead and bring the perfection through a few, but crucial and vital notes, on the pentatonic scale.

Another lively cover cones in "You can't judge a book" by Bo Diddley,where Marsden keep the rhythm alive and well. On 'I can't hold on' by Elmore James he just let the twelve bars get all over the place.Albert King’s “Won’t Be Hanging Around.” lets Bernie slow the engines and let the emotion step upfront and he does it in a true bluesy tradition with some excellent finger picking. "Fattening frogs for snakes" by Sonny Boy Williamson set the fret board on fire, in every possible way. Jimmy Rodgers 'That's alright" keeps the laid back, steady blues thrill, Marsden so colorful revives with this interpretations of these blues standards."Who s been talking" by Howling Wolf has the thrilling passion of BB King and Santana, the Latin feeling that makes the blues so attractive, in the Marsden version. The album’s two originals are “Lester,” a short, twelve bar , ballroom boogie and “Johnny,” a groovier instrumental where Marsden's guitar steals the show with the phrases he spits to the astonished listener, a blues catalyst to release the good vibes of the blues.


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