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Bernie Marsden- 'Working man"

The last "official" studio album from this great British Blues guitarist. A man who infused his bluesy sound in the Hard rock era of pre -87 WHITESNAKE and was responsible for some of their greatest hits. His career from there included bands like ALASKA (FM rock), M3 and various solo albums where he showed his love for Rory Gallagher, SUN records and the great US bluesmen especially the three Kings, BB King, Albert King and King. In this his latest double album, he is moving to familiarwaters with songs like a duet with Jamie Kylie on vocals, more bluesy stuff and more Hard rock oriented.

His personal guitar tone is all over the album and along with his smooth voice offers a modern melodic rock/blues album that hides the age and the history of its creator as it sounds fresh and full of ideas. Just listen to " Son i've never known", 'Valentine's day', "Bad reputation" and see how youthful he was till his last days of musical creation.. Marsden also accompanies the album of the original material with an album of covers, mostly from his WHITESNAKE era, Here i go again", "The time is right for love" 'Ain't no love in the heart of the city",'Till the day i die" in a more soft, melodic and stripped down way. The `Working man' album is a fit ending to such an honorable career. Marsden leaves the music game on the top of his form, a blues servant with his own distinctive sound who never sat on his laurels. Although he has already been missed by a lot of people around the world, this album is a fitting closure to a lengthy and successful career.


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