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BLACK STAR RIDERS- "Wrong side of paradise"

Ricky Warwick and co keep moving on, even after the departure of Scott Gorham. The reality is that their sound is now well honed, with THIN LIZZY, ALMIGHTY bits and bites all over the place, blended with their own Hard rock style. Warwick's distinctive voice has the THIN LIZZY tone, after the years he passed fronted their latest incarnation. The music is muscular hard rock with a bit of nostalgia and sensitivity, but most and above all, guitar driven, song oriented Hard rock. Songs like "Hustle" and "Wrong side of paradise' and even more "Green and troubled land' and "Burning Rome" are fine examples of Celtic influenced, British made, american coated Hard rock.

A strong, guitar driven, anthemic album with emphasis on melody and storytelling. Warwick delivers the verses as small stories and not fillers till you get to the anthemic chorus. The album includes a cover of "Crazy Horses" originally by the Osmonds. A cover that is sped up and interesting enough but cannot stand the comparison to the one made by TANK a couple decades ago. Overall ,BSR are bringing their brand name to the forefront, not as a THIN LIZZY spin off, but as a self established and self autonomous band that curves their own writing on the wall.


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