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BLACK SWAN- "Generation mind"

A modern day supergroup with a decent album is rarer than a communist who believes in democracy. Still BLACK SWAN the band consisting of Robin McAuley, Jeff Pilson,Reb Beach,Matt Starr creates a modern rock album that is more than the sum of the individual members. Jeff Pilson songwriting skills helped the final result that sounds like a modern day version of DOKKEN with Mcauleys melodic lines giving us the chills he gave back in the glory days of MSG. Guitar driven, melodic, modern heavy rock that has the guts to deliver the promises of the bands members reputation. Especially Beach shines in a way Coverdale never let him and he must be miserable for doing so, after listening to this album,

With great catchy and edgy songs like "Eagles fly", "How do you feel", "See you cry', these seasoned veterans of the melodic Hard rock scene, gives a prime time US hard rock with reminiscent of DOKKEN, RATT, MSG cutting the fat and keeping the meat in the business. More in to the heavy side ,they don't let themselves rest at the laurels of the past but write songs that could easily be popular in a decent rock radio like


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