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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

Borknagar- "True North"

Been on the head of a movement with such a lame name as Viking metal, can be a double edge sword. Yet neither AMON AMARTH or BORKNAGAR have failed to move on their musical expeditions and provide us with fresh but solid and traditional metal ideas. BORKNAGAR combine the Viking metal elements, with a slick production a touch of Death metal shrieks on the vocal department plus some NWOAHM elements that bring to mind bands like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, AVENGE SEVENFOLD etc. Their majestic approach has all the elements of a drakar propelled by a diesel powered machine, instead of the divine winds. Melodies, sharp guitars, powerful choruses embrace you on a journey to the true North, even if you’ re an infidel like myself.


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