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Brian Setzer -"Gotta have the rumble"

I could end the reviewer in one world, rockabilly. But I use a few more. Jerry lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Fats domino, Buddy holy are all here in an album where rockabilly meets streetwise music with some unexpected but equally loved twists. The eastern climates of "Smash upon highway one" bring a different feeling, to the album while "Rockabilly riot "is what the name says, a song from a juvenile delinquents institution. Setzer uses every trick in the book of rockabilly 'Cat with nine wives", "Turn you on, turn me on", "Off you rocker" but also adds the timeless of the twelve bar music and makes the album an effortless treat for today’s listener.

Instead of making a romantic tour to the music of the 50s, he writes songs based on the rockabilly tradition but with a more contemporary sound, plus some country elements "Rockabilly banjo" ready to set the dance hall on fire and have the rockers get into a fight with everyone else. Masculine, rocking, and most of all compelling the album just gives the shivers o those who like their music popish, without nerve, quiet. Revolutionary , definitely not, out of the box and inventive , for sure.


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