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BRKN LOVE- "Black box"

I had the pleasure of seeing Canada's BRKN LOVE singer, guitarist Justin Benlolo along Desmond Child at his Herodion concert for the Parthenon marbles and i was astonished and intrigued by the way his voice handled some of DC most well known hits. Now it's his time along with his band BRKN LOVE to promote his modern pop rock aiming at the newest generations Massive choruses and melodies bringing in mind Avril Lavigne and at the same time the nu metal scene.

From STAIND, KORN, LINKIN PARK and MUSE to Lavigne and PINK ,BRKN LOVE makes their mark well visible. Edgy, raw riffs and colossal chorises backing from breaking backing vocals is the secret of their sound. Modern pop nu metal for those who like their radio rock more 90s friendly. Trust them and let yourself in to 'Forever's enough" or the more rocking "One in the same". Up tempo, with emo elements and great songwirting , "Black box" is an album for those who were raised in the rock of 00Sand won't disappoint them at all.


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