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Caleb Johnson- "Mountain mojo Vol1'

What if Glen Hughes was a Southerner from Appalachian Mountains, then he ll probably would be someone like Caleb Johnson. A deep, soulful voice, some SKYNYRD notions, classic rock (LED ZEPPELIN) and a small portion of country bring us a remarkable album (his second one), where the soulful music just serves this deep,emotional voice. 'Drift away' in its acoustic version closes the album with a tour de force by an artist that has the pipes and know to stay simple and on target at his musical journey. The cover 'I just want to celebrate" lifts the spirits up. But the original songs are the ones that makes the difference."Glory bound", Drift away' are prime time 70s Hard rockers, like DEEP PURPLE spend more time at Kentucky.

The opener "Dead man walking blues" is the more roots driven , dark, blues song.'Child of the wild' is another piece of resistance, in an album that could be among the best Glenn Hughes and Richie Kotzen have ever made. The voice is here and the music serves the voice. Hard rocking tunes with a Southern feeling, no guitar show off, no revitalizing production techniques just wah wah and soloing for the sake of the songs. Straight to the heart music from an artist with a voice strong and steady as the Rocky Mountains. The album has contributions from Jason Bonham, Tyler Bryant, Josh Sawyer, Audley Freed, Tony Lucido, Mike Webb, Damon Johnson, Gale Mayes, Devonne Michele, and Angela Primm and they really give the extra mile to this gifted singer.


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