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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis


Sweden is well known for the neo garage movement and now the AOR-Yacht rock revival. Along with TNFO , CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD are one of the most genuine bands. Mixing melodic rock, fm rock, a bit of 70s disco beat the elegance of the 80s melodic rock hey create a magical filter of melodies who haunt you. The songs are a wet dream for anyone who grew up listening to bands like SURVIVOR, TRILLION, 747, TORONTO, FOREIGNER,TREAT, SHADOW KING with an additional plus.

CBB knows how to pen a decent tune. "Wasted heart", "Physical" are fine examples on how modern melodic rock can imitate the past glories without being retro. Classy AOR from a band who stepped into the time machine and left the indication in 1984 and the inspiration indicator at red. Just let yourself to songs like "Chains of love" while your white Trans am drives around the streets of Miami. As long as the recipe works we don't do anything else, than enjoying this well crafted melodic rock album at the highest volume possible.


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