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Carl Sentance- “Electric eye” (Nuclear Blast)


Sentance new album is a great example of traditional heavy-metal in the vein of 80s Judas Priest brings the best of the classical heavy metal along with some more pop-oriented moments like the “California queen” song . “Electric eye” is an album that has the electricity of metal along with the FM feeling of the great late 80s metal bands and most and above all the great voice of Carl Sentance a very unique masculine heavy-metal voice that knows how to complement a song.His previous tours at Persian Risk, Krokus , Nazareth as lead singer has given him the confidence to deliver his tunes in a perfect way, melodic yet heavy, with a voice that has the power of a newcomer and the maturity of a metal stages veteran combined in a unique way.

Heavy metal can be tedious, boring, replicable, but this is not the case of Carl and “Electric eye “. On the contrary he gives an album, labour of love and not contractual obligation and the music shines. An album for those who like Judas Priest, Saxon, Persian Risk, Praying Mantis evolving in time but still wear the NWOBHM proud on their sleeves.


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