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Charlie Griffiths - "Tiktaalika" (Inside out)

Been inventive, the meaning of progressive rock and Charlie Griffiths, guitarist of British prog metalers HAKEN knows exactly the meaning of the work. In "Tiktaalica" his sophomore solo work he travel us in the prehistoric world in a series of instrumentals and non instrumental pieces where metal meets metal with some lighter moments with prog overtones. The vocals are flirting with the extreme side of metal gaining the whole project a savage beauty similar to its main theme. Angy, heavy riffs with overtones and similarities to BLACK SABBATH, CLUTCH, (LEVIATHAN) are projecting us a more heavy oriented, modern metal with stoner and djent influences of Griffiths. Add to his guitar eloquence, the nerve of his compositions, like MASTODON on qualude plus the crystal clear production and the concept about the times when man was an idea not even existing on earth and you have an album , dark, heavy, monstrous gigantic, close to the feelings of the times before the man rape the land. "Luminous beings" is an example of how the progier side comes out, with dark harmonies and mesmerizing rhythms where the fusion landscape conquers the listener. TOOL, MASTODON, modern metal , MESHUGAH, KINGS X, are all here infiltrated by Griffiths prolific musical mind.On the other hand he Handles the guitars, bass, keyboards, as well as writing the material and even singing lead vocals on a song, On ‘Tiktaalika’ He is then joined throughout the album by drummer Darby Todd (Frost*, Devin Townsend), and a number of guest musicians including Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and saxophonist Rob Townsend (Steve Hackett), along with guest vocalists Tommy Rogers (Between The Buried And Me), Danïel De Jongh (Textures), Vladimir Lalić (Organized Chaos), and Neil Purdy (Luna’s Call).

An album suitable for fans of Mike Patton and his gang."In aluvium" has some great Vai esque guitars and complex times along with some operatic vocals creating a magnificent modern metal song with some excellent tremolo work add on his string bending."Diggin deeper" is mesmerizing lwo tuned song with echoes from electronica, GENESIS and PERFECT CIRCLE. An album that flirts with the modern alternative metal scene when Griffiths doens turn the volume at 11 and haunts us with his guitar riffs like at 'Tiktaalika", 'Crawl, walk, run" is a pure hate manifest in the way PANTERA or ANNIHILATOR used to crush their enemies skulls, an in your face attack where mercy is a long forgotten word with some astonishing guitar work. Jeff Waters would have loved to add some rhythm guitar to this metal onslaught. Heavy, fusion, majestic, atmospheric,esoteric and above and beyond all technically adequate album from every fan from MASTODON to MARILLION, Griffiths makes his footprint more than visible with this solo work.


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