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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis


The ex marital kids of Motörhead are here with an album full of filthy, noisy, boiling rock n roll.They come from LA, but have their hearts in London 1977-1979, where the mighty MOTORHEAD created their magnum opus. If your taste is in MOTORHEAD till “Iron fist” these guys will be your cup of tea.

With some hints of NWOBHM in the way bands like TANK enforce the sound and took it to the loudest level,possible, CITY KiNGS are a breath of fresh air in our modernised times where metal needs to follow trends and pretend aggressiveness or over complicated styles forgetting it’s rock n roll roots.Their massive, aggressive sound with some hints of early Ted Nugent too, shows us a band that knows exactly what distortion, rock n roll and no barriers music means. Songs like the opening track "Cherry", the thunderblast "City kings", the dirty "The punisher" , the aggressive "The ram" and "WW III" and the evil nostalgia of '1989" are among the more in your face, out of the norm , rock n roll you ll hear in 2023.

A sweet medicine baptised in whiskey and distortion, in the right proportions. Get your hands on this album and rock on.


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