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Cody Jinks-"Mercy"

Country rock or Rocking country, or even better countryified Americana, terms that have nothing to do with Cody Jinks and his new work. An artist who is loyal to his country roots and his rocking spirit and uses both genres as a good gunslinger both his hands to make the best out of his guns. An artist independent in music and personal approach, who writes music and communicates it to his fans, avoiding publicists and major record companies, is the exemption of all the rules in our days. Emotional, full of power, swagger and also melancholy and love he lets the music do the talking. When someone releases a song like 'Hurt you" in these years of political correct fascism and the AntiFa movement castrating civil rights, you know America and the world still have a chance to breathe and speak freely. An in your face song about all those who betrayed us and want to live and walk the same earth with no consequences. My favorite song of the year .

On other news, Cody Jinks finds another chance to talk about the common denominator to most rock and country albums, whiskey at "When whiskey call the shots", heartbroken, abandonment at "Feeding The Flames.” with a twist from CREAM, country radio soft spot “I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore” and frustration at “Nobody Knows How to Read,”“Shoulders,” and “Dying Isn’t Cheap" . From heartbreaking country songs to more middle of the road rockers, Cody use his best tool, his voice through simple chords and orchestrations to take us to a journey deep the badlands of loneliness and isolation ,through the mountains of human harness to the rainbow at the end of the wasted days, colored by whiskey and true friendship and love. An album for those who like their music country enough with a rocking edge, music from the heart and well structured to keep the listener singing all along in his pick up truck.


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