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CRUZADOS- "She's automatic"

When. Ron Young decided to give a helping hand to one of his favorite bands ,CRUZADOS came back to the light with the soulful, whiskey soakedvoice of Young charging over some rock n roll tunes. Full with self confidence ,love for rock n roll, Soul and R&B they cross the road between Memphis and Nashville in a few guitar licks and gives us storming songs like "Across this ghost town" CRUZADOS are here to honor their legacy and they deliver guitar driven, Soul influenced rock n roll with passion, muscle and love. They are not here to auto tune, rap or modernize the basics. On the contrary they are the band that Aretha would love to have to be her touring band and they deliver each and every song with groove,love and power. "She's automatic" is the album you expect to listen to on your sophomore US trip when you're in this bar lost in the desert striving for a cold beer or a shot of whiskey.

So this is an album for the rock generation who unfortunately have their hair turned gray and don't like their music fusion ed with modern electronics, rap,trap and all the corporate crap. This is riff driven rock n roll with the Tex-Mex groove and Mr Young and his deep, raw voice kicking some serious ass. . 'Son of a bitch" is a barn storming slide guitar driven rock n roll anthem for every roadhouse in the county."Sad Sadie" is another song about the losses that grow as we grow older, not wiser though."Let me down" proves the band still got the rock n roll fire burning, as does '54 knockouts" Overall this is not a trip down nostalgia lane but a band eager to prove they still have the fire in them and keep the rock n roll spirit alive and well.


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