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DANG!!!- "Sociopathfinder" (Apollon records AS)

What an album, what a debut !!! From the 70s blues propelled intro "Preludium desperado" to "Long gone misery" , DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP and 60s psychedelia join forces to create an amalgam of delightful music. Much more innovators than revivalists, Norwegian musical collective of DANG!!! they use the essence of classic 70s hard rock and 60s psychedelia, along with some surf and pop elements to create immensely dynamic music. Norwegian rockers DANG!!! is a seven-headed monster on a mission to create a new world post-pandemic rock n roll order with their debut album “Socipathfinder” The band is formed around the core duo of Arne Thelin (ex Lust-O-Rama) and Stig Amundsen (ex Gluecifer) and.feat. members from Kvelertak, Mork, Giuda, The Cynics, and ex-members from, Motorpsycho, Nashville Pussy and more.

The good vibrations of the music are all over the place ,as are the references to 60s TV show music themes. Imagine FUZZTONES, CRAMPS and HELLACOPTERS jamming at the same room with MK II DEEP PURPLE and yet i'm not sure if i can describe in its entity the result. So I'm closing this small presentation just saying that DANG!!! nail it from the first time and the result is a diverse, full of sonic surprises album.


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