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Danko Jones- Power trio

Life is simple, rock is simple. Danko Jones knows that and he delivers another in your face, straight forward album. No MUSE tech prop pop histrionics, No MAHOGANY RUSH space tripping, No RUSH stellar prog experiences, no EXCITER ,THE RODS speed metal anthems. Danko drinks AC/DC and pisses MOTORHEAD. His trio is the result of almost two years with Covid protected lifes full of bitterness, anxiety, fear, disillusion, lack of human contact, overload by digital conferences, meetings, buying. He just switches on the amplifier, plugs in his guitar and starts the musical mayhem from the AC/DC opener "I want out" to the more sophisticated "Ship of lies" and the rockier "Blue jean denim jumpsuit" . DJ Trio delivers music from the heart with guts, distortion, brutality and melody. "Start the show" says it all.

We need bands like the Danko Jones band and I hope he collaborates with Iggy. He is a human dynamo and this album is reinvigorating in these difficult times. Uplifting hard rock music from a tight band with a leader who will raise the roof of your local club, whenever concerts will be a reality.


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