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Danny Bryant- "The rage to survive"

British blues are the stalwart of the European blues scene. Among the younger blues men who carry the torch is Danny Bryant. With influences from Robert Cray to Gary Moore he knew the tricks and played the game hard. Deep, soulful vocals over manic twelve bars guitar soloing with some touches from Stax, to add some spice. BB KIng echoes in his playing but Bryant is an accomplished player who is traditional enough and yet has his own personal color in his playing .

Songs like "Rescue me" would be fan favorites as long as blues come back to town. His immense playing, passionate and mature speaks directly to the listener. He is also diverse enough in the "Falling tears' an acoustic guitar based ballad where he moves closer to the classic rock repertoire. This might be his twelve album, but you don't listen to any sign of tiredness or boredom. On the contrary we see an artist trying to stretch the blues standard sound, producing songs that aim straight to the heart like " Make me pay".He balances great between the classic Chicago blues sound and the more classic rock sound with songs like "Rain stopped play". A blues album, that as most of the products from the quarantine days of Covid 19 is emotionally charged and musically inspired.


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