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DEATH SS are among Italy's best kept secrets, like the good home made pasta and the local trattorias at the North part of the country. You need to introduced to them. Especially for DEATH SS, you also need to take under consideration that the bend exists for many years now, in various incarnations, and it is among the first in Europe, who embrace the occult, the horror and the dark imagery in both outer appearance, lyrics and music. Now with TEN, the band is a cross between THE GHOST, Alice Cooper, MERCYFUL FATE and whatever their mastermind Steve Sylvester comes up with. From the "evil" opener "Black plague" to the more straight forwarded metallic "Zora" DEATH SS brings the theatrical element in their music in the ultimate degree along with catchy melodies that coems straight from the 70s horror movies and the 80s metal bands. and some great female backing vocals to haunt your night.

“Suspiria – Queen of the Dead” is another prime example of how to stay occult when at the same time been metallic and product of your times.Slow, melodramatic, doomy and gothic while melodic and addictive, makes the GHOST rethink of their future. Dance beats and IRON MAIDEN makes a great combination and 'Under Satans sun" is the prefect match. Gregorian chants and dark ,dance beats at "The Rebel God" meet Alice Copper in an unholy mix. the band continues to bring electronic elements tot heir sound and making the atmospheric unholy metal of theirs even more attractive to our ears.. 'The Temple of rain" is a gothic masterpiece, where Frankie Goes to Hollywood meets Sisters of Mercy at the dance floor of the catacombs."Ride the dragon: is the speed metal triumph of Italian epic metal, reinterpreted by DEATH SS, so LABYRINTH, RHAPSODY etc here is your dark pill to put you to sleep."Heretics" is the gloomy, ballad of the damned with the dance loops, giving the tempo., introducing "The world is doomed" a dance floor hit with metallic edge for the worlds destruction. The closing track "Lucifer" is my favorite as the band comes with a full force metallic,satanic attack , taking no prisoners and praising the dark lord in all is glory with Alice Cooper meets GHOST in an unholy matrimony. Let yourselves get lost in the eternal flames of Hell and drink the virgins blood, if you re not in to the bloody aspect of the game then concentrate and enjoy the music.


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