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Diamond Dogs- "Slap bang blue rendezvous"

A double album return form the Swedish retro (?) rockers. A double album with 24 songs and they aren't enough. From NEW YORK DOLLS, RAMONES and GODFATHERS to FACES, HUMBLE PIE,ROLLING STONES everything in between is here. Twelve bars fuzzed up, beat up, speed ed up rock n roll with a soft spot for BEATLEesue melodies. "Rocket ricochet" could be at 'Lou Reed's "Transformer, NYD any album or ROLLING STONES 'It's only rock n roll". The examples could and would be countless. DIAMOND DOGS make a tour de force playing 60s , blues based rock n roll with some touches of psychedelia "Sunday Haze" being one of these examples. The album is a trip to late 60s, early 70s rock from a band who aren't just bell bottom jeans and whiskers but they're looking at the eyes of the big names of the past.

They're the perfect match for a tour with HELLACOPTERS. A little more clear in the sound but with the same frenzy energy and the in your face attitude when it comes to their "rock" songs and some great melodic moments, influenced by the London pre Hendrix rock scene.The punk overtones are also here, "Suicidal idol" is such an example. If SEX PISTOLS were better musicians, they would probably write this kind of songs -Steve Jones at least did so in the post SP years. And last but not least the glam feeling from Marc Bolan to SWEET, you name it, they have it as they show at "Vanity Villains" a song straight from the 60s Soho clubs. A colorful rock n roll album with some 60s pop aesthetics that light up the days and dark nights of the post covid depression era.


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