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DIRTY HIPS- "Crises,what crises"

The blues are alright in Belgium. DIRTY HIPS is a latin jiving experience with a rock 'n roll vibe. 5 bossa-addicted musicians joined together to blow up some bossa, samba and dancehall with hardrock, country, pop and now and then even some deep African influences. Groovy, blues rock with surf overtones, rockabilly and the smell of the sweet 60s distortion all over the place . THis is the gospel of DIRTY HIPS and we shake our hips to it. Groovy, mojo shaking music from the past to make the young hearts feel the rock n roll beat.'Rock n roll times" is a fine example on how rock music can stay intimate through the years using the basic element the pentatonic scale. the whole album is full of the STRAY CATS feeling, not reviving but living in today, the rockabilly dream.

"The day i met her in the park" has a laid back , lounge feeling taking you back to the Vegas glory days of the 60s. 60s flavored instrumental in "Waltz for Joao" and a blues/BEATLES esque " "Chained feet" grows the albums sonic diversity."Junkie shuffle" is a surf/rockabilly in your face tune that will blow the joint with some frenetic guitar and a MOTORHEAD feeling in it-dont we forget Lemmy is ROCK N ROLL."Goodbye" a bossa nova infused rockabilly tune about a painful goodbye drag the listener from the hip."Could you care' is a roaming rockabilly closer with its strutting refren and the neck breaking groove behind the slide guitar, the best way to end such an enjoyable and out of fashion rock album.grease your hair and shake your hips with the DIRTY HIPS.


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