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DOGMA- "Dogma"

GHOST created a school in millennium metal, taking away the guilt from melodic, theatrical metal/FM rock. DOGMA, an all female band are following in their footsteps. With a craft of 80s melodic heavy metal and AOR, a bit like PHANTOM BLUE, VIXEN are a breath of fresh air, although with a familiar sound.

"My first peak" for example has a taste of Robin Beck at the chorus. But DOGMA is on the heavier side. The neoclassical entrance of "Made her mine" is closer to modern female fronted bands like DELAIN,EPICA and I think DOGMA try hard to combine the best of both worlds. These female quartet has a love for JUDAS PRIEST, STRATOVARIUS, Malmsteen along with the AOR scene and have turn it to catchy euro-power or melodic power metal song with FM ambitions as the JUDAS PRIEST guitar inspired "made her mine". "Free yourself" is an instant hit for the radio with its chorus and the jazzy bridge, showing another face of DOGMA, a band that tries to break new grounds in stereotype genres. "Bare to the bones" is another melodic heavy rock anthem that delivers an epic song for the sexually hungry masses. "Make us proud" with its dark intro and the metallic feeling is leaning on the heavier , dark side successfully before bursting into a euro metal chorus that proves that melody is essential for DOGMA. "Pleasure of pain" is the heavy metal highlight, a bit on the S/M side of things, "Father i have sinned" is another piece of prime time euro power metal that stays in your mind with its melody and "provoking" lyrics. "Dark messiah" is the album closing track and the theatrical nature of the song justifies DOGMA 's image, a track equally inspired by Euro metal, GHOST and Alice Cooper. epic, melodic with great neo classical guitar work, closing the album in the most appropriate way.

What is interesting is that the band has behind it a strong marketing plan. Similarities to the GHOST phenomenon are all over their website, from the logo letter line to the non-existence of member cv's and the painted faces, Tobias masterplan is here again. But DOGMA has musical abilities, and songwriting skills, that are all over the place. Their songs stand out as well crafted compositions that you have to accept are catchy and have instant impact. Tongue in cheese lyrics, dressed up as sexy-lust driven nuns, adds more to the provocation, theatrical feeling that sells good in today's media driven society. Can DOGMA survive the hype and prove themselves? Will they stand the pressure to prove they are a band and not a bunch of revolving musicians around the main -woman?Their first attempt is definitely a positive one and well recepted. The future is all theirs and a tour supporting GHOST a must.


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