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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

Dooms children-Dooms children

After "Me and that man" this is the second memorable case of an artist of the extreme metal era who exploits his more sensiticve side and exhibits such a diversity of musical colors .

ALEXISONFIRE guitarist / GALLOWS front man presents an album where Neil Young of the early years (Cortez the killer, Harvest etc) and early Santana meets Nick Cave, Johnny Cash along with the Lana Del Ray and PJ Harvey and Mark Lanegan in an amalgam of dark, esoteric modern infused retro rock. Did i confuse you? That was my point. The album is full of id tempo trips to the inner self of DOOMS CHILDREN magical world. Those of you who are familiar with the 90s USA/Aussie alternative scene and names like Chris Cacavas,Luis Tillet, BEAST OF BURBON, THE LONG RYDERS, Steve Wynn, DREAM SYNDICATE you ll find in this album a hidden masterpiece.

Distortion, eastern guitars, mesmerizing rhythmic parts, a whiskey soaked, gravy voice and some songs to watch the dark skies getting the city ready for the storm. All these with the Neil Young feeling of bitter sweetness, loneliness, abandons and the dreamy parts like at "Stardust Lullaby" and you re ready for a long ride with the car ,with the rain dropping on the windshield. I need to mention MAZY STAR as another reference and not influence ans the final product of DC is unique and beautiful Music made for long, cold, dark nights in smoky bars all over the globe. Well done, im drinking my whiskey making a toast to the losers of the world with DC been the perfect soundtrack.


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