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Duff McKagan- "Lighthouse"

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 7 Ιουν

The man responsible for the furious bass lines at GNR, releases another solo album where he lets his more sensitive and more punkish self to reveal.

Duff Mc kagan owes a lot to the punk scene of California as he belongs to 70s Hard rock. Growing up he has let his country and slow rock influences take over from time to time in his songwriting. Here at "The lighthouse" he is more rocking with a tendency to his punk past like at "I saw god at the 10th street" where in other places he is adapting a more laid back narrative with hints of Neil Young and Lou Reed.

A slow voice in the urban misfortune of his new work , stays low and easy between the light and the shade, keeping the tones in id volume levels focusing on loneliness, anxiety and pressure as his main motivations. The album doesn't explode but has its sentimental heights at songs like Lighthouse", "The fallen ones", "Forgiveness' ', "Just another shakedown' ', sometimes mid tempo, sometimes more rockin.

It is a welcome departure from the in your face Hard rock of GNR but also generates questions on how some of these songs would sound with the help of Slash and the rest of the Gunners.

An unpredictable album full of dark colors and soul search.


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