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Duff McKagan- “Tenderness”

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 26 Ιαν 2022

When the spirit of punk in GUNS N ROSES strike a vein for gold, in the collaboration with Shooter Jennings, the Country outlaw, I’ m here to present one of the most compelling, sensitive country, (hard) rock album of the year. If only for the same title song “Tenderness’, ill have to give this album a mere 7, but after the initial song of this soul revealing anthem, the pair has even more to give. ‘Wasted heart’, ‘Last September”, “Cold outside’, ‘Feel” songs that could find their way in UUI, I&II. Everything McKagan has done till now, from NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS to his solo woks come together in an album more (with some reworks of his old stuff, but mostly new material) in to the country / early 70s rock side of music, but with some deep emotions to back up his choice. Country rock, with some Neil Young edge and looking to the 00s, could be the best description of an album that loves equally the laid down moments of GNR and the Nashville skyline. Grab a beer and enjoy it. I Wish Izzy Stradlin could have add his touch to this album too, but don’t be ungrateful.


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