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ECLIPSE- “Paradigm”

In these years of plastic melodic hard rock, few bands have sounded so fresh as ECLIPSE did. In “Paradigm” they set the paradigm for the younger bands in the genre, on how to produce an album that combines the best moments of the high-tech AOR of the 80s,90s along with the more high quality sound of the 00 and appeal to the Spotify generation. Great melodic songs like the same title, ‘United”, “The masquerade” or majestic ballads like ‘Take me home” with the Celtic influences (all hail to DARE) just bring the wall down and make the disbelievers, that melodic rock deserves a place among the rockers, to change their minds. Mind blowing guitars, anthemic choruses, obsessing melodies, catapult this album to the highest positions in the Top album lists of 2019. If GHOST revive classic heavy metal, then ECLIPSE resurrect Hard rock, or melodic rock and really created a monster of an album, that will haunt you, till you sing along each and every song. A paradigm of modern hard rock album!!!


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