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ECLIPSE-"Wired" (Frontiers records)

Probably the best melodic hard rock band returns with another killer album. From the opening track, ECLIPSE are determined to grab the listener by the throat. Razor sharp riffs, like ACDC meets EUROPE to party over JOURNEY songs, everything is here. The tongue in cheek lyrics, the unforgettable melodies, the catchy choruses, "Roses on your grave" is a killer opener, while the consequent "Dying breed" is the ecological song we all need, in these days of electric cars and solar power-(ok we all pay higher electric rates but who cares, it's the 80s and we have money). 'Carved in stone '' starts semi acoustic and then explodes. "Twilight" is a marching song, a march to happiness. "Poison inside my heart" is a pure pop diamond-reminding their older days, but this is the trick, have your own identity."Bite the bullet" is like JUDAS PRIEST decided to try and get the FM rock territory. Celeic influences from THIN LIZZY to Gary Moore are everywhere at 'Things we love' .

The main problem with ECLIPSE is that they have more close to perfection songs, then most bands will have in their best of compilations. Embracing every AOR,FM, pop rock element that will make their tune memorable and catchy they write songs. Songs to be played on the radio, to be sung in arenas. I wish they could give their songs to PINK or Miley Cyrus to get the airplay and recognition they deserve. Forget terms like Euro metal, pop metal or whatever bullshit some paper loving journalists try to improvise to describe their sound.

ECLIPSE is the distillation of pure fun, melodic yet ballsy hard rock that brings the house down. Erik Mårtensson and co ,did again. I considered myself lucky having seen them a little before the quarantine and also lucky enough to follow them ,in a time when rock and metal are so trivial, that Myley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are far more interesting. "Wired" is an album to listen to and party with.


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