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"ELDOVAR: A Story of Darkness & Light" by Elder/Kadavar-

One of the most interesting side products of the Covid 19 quarantine was collaborations that fleurish out of nowhere. Stack in Berlin and meeting in studio, members from US progers ELDER (Nicholas DiSalvo, Michael Risberg and Georg Edert).and Berlins own children KADAVAR decided to collaborate and the result is a project equally extraordinary with what happened to the Western World these past two years. Imagine Ozzy period BLACK SABBATH meeting Danny Elfrman and HAWKWIND in a jam/trip over PORTISHEAD turns to understand the sonic equivalent of the project. Long duration songs that start mesmerizing build over a guitar riff and atmospheric sounds where vocals come in addition to the whole song and not as lead as we are used to.

A tripy, doomy, gloomy, spacey depending on the song result ,claustrophobic, full of abandonment or gray shades as it was most of our life when the idea of a vaccine and a therapy was months away. ELDOVAR created a post rock/metal album where melody meets melancholy and metal meets atmospheric post rock , all in favor of art and self expression. Turn off the lights, light some candles and let the music warp you, thinking about the dark days ,till the morning sun releases you from the agony. A deeply esoteric album that demands listeners attention and pays back with vast emotions. An album to listen and think , an introspective album for modern rock lovers, without barriers where atmospheric post rock and stoner cross the barriers and create a new form of music self expression.


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