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Florence and the machine- " Water to drink not write about it'

Modern pop rarely sounds so fresh, mesmerizing and attractive. Florence and the Machine are the perfect mix between ethereal pop and alternative rock, in the vein of Kate Bush, Bjork, Sinnead O Connor and The breeders in their own lo fi sound. Melodies that have a lot to do with bands like 3rd and the mortal and SUGAR are the backbone for Florence to wave her musical tapestry of sensitivity, frailty and romance in an album that builds on their previous work making them balsam for the heart and ears in our turmoil days. So "Water..." is a compilation that is more than welcome to bring some sanity and peace in our insane world.

The compilation title comes from a kind of inside joke between Florence Welch and Markus Dravs, main producer of "How big, how blue, how beautiful" her third album. In a 2015 interview she mentioned that Dravs once gave her in studio a pint glass with the saying, “Water to drink from, not write about”, because she would sing too mach about water. This compilation gathers examples of some of those songs with water motifs. songs that are needed for the modern rock listener as water for his life equilibrium.


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