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FU MANCHU- "A Look Back - DogTown & Z-Boys "

It takes a lot and i mean a lot of courage to release an album like "A Look Back - DogTown & Z-Boys" in our days, of corporate/commercial planned moves

. FU MANCHU new release is the soundtrack to the first short documentary by artist/photographer Glen E. Friedman. The film looks back on an essential period in the history of skateboarding, but more directly on how the original award winning documentary affected the original surviving members of that influential team (Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Peggy Oki, Wentzle Ruml and others) and what they thought about the original film itself, 20 years after its release.

FU MANCHU a band that never lost connection to the underground, participate with a number of songs from their earliest releases till today, honoring skateboard, its origins and its meaning to the youth (of America)The songs were personally curated by Glen E. Friedman. This official soundtrack recording release features all 9 tracks featured in the film in the order that they appear. The music spans the band’s entire career from “Free And Easy (Summer Girls)” from the band’s 1994 debut album, No One Rides For Free, to “Il Mostro Atomico” featuring Alex Lifeson of Rush, from their most recent full length album, Clone Of The Universe.

This release features also two instrumentals: “Out To Sea” from 2004’s Start The Machine and “Hanglider,” which was originally released on the Japanese version of 2000’s King Of The Road.

You know what to expect, slow, groovy, rhythmic fuzzy, heavy rock, interpreted by the grinding machine called FU MANCU. For those of you who are not aware of the band, this is a good introduction. FU MANCHU are always a low profile band, until they get up on stage. There they transform to a mix of BLACK SABBATH, AMBOY DUKES and vintage punk rock. A wrecking ball of low tuned riffs,that shows no mercy to those who like to get stoned and forget the essence of rock music, the intensity. Heavy, trippy, powerful, distorted, they deliver music that send you to the outer space before travel you to the center of the earth.

This limited edition double LP run is pressed on one purple and one green vinyl and features an etching from legendary skater, Lance Mountain. The gatefold jacket features rare photos from Glen E. Friedman including an incredible shot of the late Jay Adams across the inside. All tracks were remastered specifically for this vinyl release.

If you are having friends who still haven't been under the influence of distorted ,psychedelic, heavy rock, make them a favor and buy them,this album. Don't know how much this is skating music, but its definitely music to travel in the daylight, in far away universes, waiting for the milky way to froze.


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