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GALAHAD's side project GEC is a delight for every open minded progressive metal fan. The traditional progressive rock/metal of GALAHAD enriched with electronic sounds, in the vein of DEPECHE MODE or even more ambient at "Gone to ground". Slow, introverted, melancholic at "All that glitters' '. An album where QUEENSRYCHE of the "Empire" period, melodic, dark and soulful meets the GALAHAD's more electronic, modern side creating an album that lets the listener travel across the universe. Ambient, melodic, with internal heights, request your attention as the musical landscapes that present are changing in the song based on the soundscapes, the keyboards and less the complex time signs that progressive metal is known for. It is their second ‘unexpected’ new album ‘Soul Therapy’ from Galahad offshoot project the ‘Galahad Electric Company’ only a few months after their ‘When the battle Is Over’ album was released. "Fluidity", an instrumental, is a fine example of the GEC musical direction more Jean Michelle Zarre and DEVO than progressive rock in the typified way we've learned to expect it. Synthesizers, having a major part in the band's role, are preparing an electronic soundscape that reminds a lot of the late 80s, early 90s and is a joy for the ears, to let yourself in this old school experimentation.. As with the previous album Dean and Stu didn’t work face to face at all during this latest project. A Quarantine child has all the pros and cons of the distant/remote collaboration.

‘Soul Therapy’ is also, as the name suggests, one of the most personal collections of songs ever written by Stu, indeed no less than six of the tracks relate directly to the sad passing of Stu’s mother, Maureen, in November 2020 from Lymphoma cancer after a long, often tortuous but heroic five year battle against the disease. Suitably sympathetic sound tracks and arrangements were provided as usual by the incredibly creative and empathetic Dean Baker. The album is emotionally charged and speaks to the even more distant listener. The humanity overflows the album creating sentimental waterfalls,even to the more cold hearted among us. "The living ghost" is among the most outstanding track albums, with the QUEENSRYCHE influences and the mid tempo melodies driving the song.A most up tempo and hunting song is "Everywhere i look" a magnificent tribute to Stu mothers.Touching, sentimentally charged, a colorful song, celebrating the bond between them, even now she's gone.An album that worked as a healing, cathartic progress for GEC and comes as a pleasant surprise for most of us i these stress filled quarantine days. The album features seven brand new songs written in a very productive four week period straddling November and December 2020 plus several songs left over from the Summer 2020 recording sessions for ‘When the battle Is Over’. "Monster in the dark" if a fine mix between the electro rock of DEPECHE MOD and MARILLION. "When darkness comes" is an electro gothic dance anthem, with a keyboard melody that swings in our mind like a dervish An album bringing the heartbeat of a man hurted who struggles to overcome the loss and survive, to celebrate life after death. " I cannot forgive you" is the best rock song DEPECHE MODE have never written."Muted expectations" is a great mix of dance beat and QUEENSRYCHE. A song that screams for your attention.

A brilliant exercise in learning to live after the loss, GEC manages to show the light at the end of the tunnel of despair and we thank them for that. 8

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