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GOODBYE JUNE- "See where the night goes"

GOODBYE JUNE's new album (third one-third one has the charm) is one of the most uplifting releases of 2022. ACDC meets AEROSMITH meets Nashville in an album full of hard rocking anthems and old school 80s ballads. Songs like "Stand and deliver" and "See where the night goes"are like CADILLAC THREE meets ACDC and jam over some "Back in Black" leftovers. Big , wrecking ball size riffs, a countrified rhythm section and Brian Johnson -Nashville style vocals in an album that rocks like a motherfucker. Repeat is the button to use when you listen to this great, electrifying, piece of music. Down to the ground, razor riff music that demolishes the unsuspicious listener. Even at their more "mellow", calm moments like "What you need" with the 80s feeling in the vein of AEROSMITH and their " Permanent vacation" era are here to dominate the scene and show another promising face of GJ. Even THE DARKNESS have their own pop piece influence in "Everlasting move". But the overall sum of songs like "Three chords", "Black" is what we used to love in bands like THE FOUR HORSEMEN, guitar driven, blues,boogie influenced hard rock.

No words are strong enough to describe this album, a thunderstorm of pure ,electric rock n roll the way it used to be played in the golden 80s days. No make up, no hair spray, just pure riffs and whiskey. Listening to GOODBYE JUNE one question raised, Did Australia have Nashville? Or did Nashville move to Australia?. I guess now AIRBORNE have a strong competitor for the ACDC throne.


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