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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis


Psychedelia meets stoner rock, PINK FLOYD reinvented for the 21st century, GRAVEYARD in prime form. Opener "Godnatt" has a "...bells " echo and definitely the stampo of David Gilmour guitar sound in an otherwise psychedelic folkish tune. "Twice" has a nice uptempo garage feeling reminiscent of the great UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTION, a projectile to distorted guitars and the dirty 60s.The speed slows down again at the hypnotic "I follow you" an upbeat blues oriented psychedelic lament with echoes from THE CRAMPS, GUN CLUB and DANZIG. "Breathe in breath out" has the Nick Cave feeling of loss and absurd warp in the melodic lines of GRAVEYARD that echoes 60s, a poisonous yet charming blend with the stamp of Nilsson and Ramm guitars.

Minor riffs and 60s keyboards at "Sad song" and another small masterpiece of grief that could come from San Francisco in the mid 60s is here, an elegy for the lost. But GRAVEYARD have also a tougher side as they present us at "Just a drop" an uptempo heavy blues with Hendrix, CREAM influences roaming before the melodic chorus with the psychedelic overtones take over.The same mid tempo 60s influenced style keeps evolving at "Bright lights" and the slow tempo "No way out" that echo from bands like BLIND FAITH and LOVE."Rampant fields" are closing the album with another melancholic turn to things, full of shadows and grey colors accompanied by some great guitar riffs to enhance the feelings.

GRAVEYARD are playing at their hometurf , expanding their sound and keeping their roots close to what they love, psychedelia, 60s rock but without being retro they recreate and expand their sound through their own creative filter. The result an album that you listen from start till the end, atmospheric with no fillers that demands your attention and pays you off, big time.


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