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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

HALF MOON PANIC-"Welcome to the small time"

A quartet that attracted my attention with their interesting name. Then I listened to the album and I found inside it some excellent references to BOC ,"Revolution by night"/"Club ninja' era, just listen at the guitar parts and the harmonies i.e 'Flying solo", some WISHBONE ASH references, interesting double vocals male and female and this FM rock sound that is so common in the UK and US.

From BOSTON to Chris Rea and all in between the HMP delivers an easy listening melodic rock album, with some interesting 70s references. "Survival" has a Bluesbreakers /Cream feeling more late 60s oriented but they can't keep hidden their fondness for melody, even when they try to come with a bluesier, distorted sound. The album's disadvantage is while the double vocals work quite well, the sound is a bit empty, in some songs. But they have songs like "Breathe" that comes as a surprise and show you the true potential of the band. The ballad "Fall in to you" with its 60s references is another example of the bands versatility and potential. "Never said goodbye" is another nice piece of blues based FM rock. The album gets better from the middle, something not important in our days of streaming listening (just a notice from an oldtimer like myself)


A more solid production could have them with a more fat and polished sound,that would compliment their songs. Overall they deserve more than a chance to give them a listen. Definitely a band you should keep an eye at for the future and support them at the present.


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