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HELLACOPTERS- "Eyes of oblivion'

Swedish garage/punk/glam rockers are back after a long hiatus. They are older, we are older and the hipness about them is getting stronger among people who never wore a leather jacket,git whiskers, drink whiskey or have a fight. In our days of political correctness and clean cut faces, HELLACOPTERS are the real deal. Melody, distortion and sympathy for the losers of the world , the outcasts and the misfits are all here. The album is dirty, filthy, stinkin 'rock n roll that surprises with songs like 'Sorry i could die' a tribute to Howlin wolf and Screamin Jay Hwkings in the HELLACOPTERS way. While this time the production is a bit clean, the garage is tightened up, but Andersson and co are in full form to perform the music they like.

One foot stuck in the 60s and one lost in the decibel mud of garage,punk rock n roll and you ve got it.You get even some glimpses of IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC , Andersson's previous project, a more lightweight incarnation of HELLACOPTERS, Larger than life riffs in ``Eyes of oblivion". "Positively not knowing" starts and the temperatures rise along with the guitars in a frenzy rock n roller, straight out the garage scene of the late 60s.'Tin foil soldier" has the TREX feeling and the glam beats to make you wanna dance all night with the song playing.'"Beguiled" is a bit more heavy, the twist from the past entering the garage zone. "Try me tonight" is another massive, stormy rocker,where NA vocals accompanying some great honky tonk piano and twelve bar guitars , that would make Chuck Berry proud. A great closer for a real rock n roll album, HELLACOPTERS are back and we dust off our old leather jackets hoping to meet them on some stage in 2022


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