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Hollis Brown- "In the aftermath"

Stuck in the 60s London in a dark basement rehearsal room with KINKS and the STONES, could be the perfect description of NY breed HOLLIS BROWN. With STONES album covered from "Paint it black" and "Under my thumb" and the rest of the album been somewhere near Oxford Street, Carnaby and the London’s musical heart of the 60s spiced with some more American , country moments s and a bit of blues shows exactly the connection between the British rock invasion roots at the US blues and country,is been revisited . This time the US pays tribute to the bands inspired by the US blues scene in the 60s. . Are they good?Unique?Authentic? How could they, were the STONES? No they aren’t and they shouldn't .

They have musical muscle, musical taste, they cover the classics keeping their own warmth and they play them like their own songs, having in mind to incorporate their influences in the HB sound and they hit the bulls eye. HB are a tight RnB, rock n roll band that could bring every rock joint on their mojos dancing and looking for the next shot of whiskey. Keeping in mind their own cultural influences besides their love of STONES. A band with their own sound a bit more retro than usual and for that reason even more appealing to those of us who know the British 60s only by records and books. Tight, rocking, no boundaries rock n roll and a fine tribute to STONES by a band deserving their own space.


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