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Iggy Pop- "Every loser"

When producer Andrew Watt asked Iggy if he can be himself on his new album- his nineteenth by the way-, he said yes, I understand what you mean and with the final product in our hands , we knew he fully understood the question. From “The idiot” to “Brick by brick” the Iggy as we know and love is here. Wih tongue in cheek lyrics with the fuck word in abundance, teasing the political correct musicophiles of our times he charges against everyone and everything while spreading away kisses and hugs. He is Iggy Pop, Godfather of punk, father of mainstream punk rock and high priest of high octane rock n roll. Along for the ride are Dave Navarro and Josh Klinghoffe , Chad Smith, Duff McCaggan, Slash, Stone Gossard and the late Taylor Hawkings , in a macabre presence in an album with a clear anti drug/ addiction song “Strung out Johnny ''.

The album is a rock album with the pop sensibilities of 80s Iggy Pop, a bit new wave, more straight rock but not so edge and metallic as “American CAesar” . It has great rock songs like “The regency” , "Comments.”, spoken intervals and massive wanna be hits at "Frenzy.” and 'Modern day rip off". The man is now beyond his seventies but he proves that rock n roll is music from the heart and not the muscles. Catch him love when you can, even if he won’t stagedove anymore and let “Frenzy” destroy your stereo or streaming device


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