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ISSA- “Lights of Japan” (Frontiers)

Norwegian ex vocals teacher Issa returns with another bunch of melodic rock songs , with one of them at least , the same title, coming close to the anthemic.In this, her seventh effort, she keeps on the road well traveled by FRONTIERS, Italian musicianship and EU vocals melting in an AOR/West Coast mix.. From Nancy WIlson to Robin Beck with everything in between , the album delivers a pumping AOR, where hard rock melodies are combined with catchy hooks and sugar coated choruses.

If you are into the Frontiers sound, which sometimes diminishes the song as it is a bit generic and plastic, Issa’s vocal power and performance would definitely reimburse your time. There are standout songs like "Chains", "Fight To Survive" , more up tempo songs like "Seize The Day" and high calibre AOR in "Shadow To Light". Generic in a way,yes but also a melodic album that lets her vocal deliverance shine even in songs that become tedious after sometime.

What Issa needs now is some strong compositions to work with and on “Light of Japan” she proves she has the guts to take off a song with the proper dynamics. Overall a melodic rock album that you definitely enjoy .


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