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Jack J Hutchinson- 'The hammers fall"

A proud member of the NWOCR in Britain, JJH is the less blues oriented and far more rock driven among his peers. Heavy enough to be equivalent to BLS and BLACK SABBATH if he wants but also melodic and with the blues passion he has his own unique sound.He also has a great songwriting ability and an instant classic in "Angel of death" with the BS/BLS overtons and the melodic vocal lines he stands out among the rest of the more riff oriented bands. If you're into heavy rock with balls, heart and a touch of melody you need to get into JJH. For some strange reason the vocals remind me a bit of the melodic moments of THERAPY? and this is a big compliment but this is just an opinion.

Tight, heavy rock with modern twist. I don't get it why people have to praise bands like MUSE with their power trio pop aesthetic and not give a try to artists like JJH with his far more down to the ground approach.In this his third album his maturing and avoiding the self indulgence in favor of the songs,where he lets the guitar playing shine for the song and not over the song. "Call of the wild" is catchy ,melodic and heavy as led where it has to be."Gunslinger" is a groovy blues anthem. "The ravens crow" is the BLACK SABBATH version of the blues, fuzzy, mesmerizing and indicative of the volatility of JJH sound.Stripped down to a guitar that dazzles with a steady beat and some really good songs, "The hammers fall" is more than a simply good album. It makes you want to push the repeat button again.


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