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Jimmy Barnes- "Flesh and blood"

Australian music legend Jimmy Barnes returns with another new album. His voice is always on top form and this time he has contributions from various family members (Elly-May Barnes,Jackie Barnes, Jane Barnes., Eliza Jane Barens) Musically it si a more M.O.R album with the obligatory ballads "Till the next tie", the mid tempos and some more rocking songs like "Gateway to your heart" and the magnificent 'Im coming home". Jimmy Barnes doesn't intend to surprise us.On the contrary he offers us an album of easy listening tunes, in his own style, filled with soul, FM rock, R&B interpretation by his own unique style and voice and the help of his family (in blood and music).

The result is another album that fans will enjoy and newer listeners will admore as long as they are above their 40s. Songs like "I move slow" are among the ones showing his blending with the youngest members of the Barnes family , evolving their sound and creating easy listening pop diamonds. The necessary cover of "Love hurts" (NAZARETH) fits like a glove to his voice, although his rendition with Jane Barens are far more mellow and FM friendly, it let the singers metal of voice, shine.His voice stays intact and we simply love each and every aspect of his voice.


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