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Joe Satriani The elephants of Mars

After a long time guitar wizard Joe Satriani comes up with an album where he let his musicality, his musical versatility to shine. Elephants of Mars is an album as unique as its name. If I was to speak only by the albums name without knowing the artist , I would have thought of some obscure stoner band. Wrong, this is an album that makes you travel all over the musical galaxy. From NY flavored funky Estreet to Satriani sequel with the pedal sound so familiar Night scene where classic early JS sound melts with Crystal planet electronics the album is a winner Faceless is another instant hit with its internal groove.

Musicianship, guitar playing and most and above melodies and imagination are the main characteristics of this new work from JS.He manages to combine his classical sound with some new ideas to create musical landscapes familiar and yet innovative even for his most loyal followers. Heavier moments like Through a Mother’s Day daydream with its progressive metal feeling comes to full contradiction with more lightweight airy moments as in ….. Memory Lane with its Beatles references The elephants of Mars is a grower and proves instantly why JS is among the guitar players that changed worlds perception on instrumental albums and shredders and still is an innovator. If EDV could listen to this album he would smile wherever he is now.


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