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Jon Spencer and the Hitmakers- "Spencer gets it lit"

Among those that years before Jack White brought blues and rock n roll to the front, Jon Spenser returns with his new band and a more eclectic sound. Less muddy, crazy and distorted as it was with Blues explosions , he now finds refuge in more electronics, pop sounds to compliment his rock n roll dream. From the fuzz, garage minded, electronically distorted "Junk man" to the straight forward rockabilly of "Get it right now" Spencer looks like The Clash at "Combat rock, amused by his new found toy of loops and electronics over some well built distorted rock n roll riffs. An album that has aural homogeneity that sometimes becomes tiring as we all wait for his next sonic explosion.

But Spencer from the title talks about hitmakers and this is his aim now, more modern radio friendly for the faux rock generation songs that incorporates his own rock n roll vision to some modern day patterns.It partially works and I guess a lot of people would dig for it. I’m not, as after a few listening , I felt tired by the loop of electronics sounds in his blues infused rock n roll. Call me an old man or a purist but I want my whiskey near and my rockin roll straight , distorted and dirty. Hope he gets his hits, for my taste he missed the target by little, but he missed.


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