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JUDICATOR - "The majesty of decay"

US power metal meets BLIND GUARDIAN in an astonishing result. For all of us who met JUDICATOR with their debut album the question has to do only with the members' changes, something really frequent in the days of COVID and for bands with low resources. Yet JUDICATOR managed to keep the dynamics and the momentum intact and come back with a new album that keeps the fire of power metal alive. Melodic, heavy, complex enough to keep the interest of the listener with great melodies and hooks.

"The majesty of decay" has a catchy European sound, power metal ala BLIND GUARDIAN infused with some true US power metal aggressiveness. Imagine ARMORED SAINT jammIng with BLIND GUARDIAN over JUDAS PRIEST and still I’m missing the talent of JUDICATOR at writing fresh, dynamic power metal songs.The sound palette of the band is vast from the in your face metal 'Euphoric parasitism" and 'The Black elk" to the more groovy 'Belly of the beast' and the modern / 80s dance infused and personal favorite for its diversity "The high priestess" they prove each and everyone of us wrong, transforming to a different beast from song to song, yet keeping the metallic core intact.

Bored to wait for your favorite bands of the 80s and 90s to reunite or write a new album, then get off the couch and go get their album, at least till LIZZY BORDEN releases some new stuff.


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